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Digital Marketing
Hayden Browne

Hayden Browne

Digital Marketing

Website Creation

Website creation, optimization and management

Digital Platforms

Increase touch points and improve productivity

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns and mailing list management

Digital Ads

Digital ad strategy, targetting and optimisation

Social Media

Presence and growth on social platforms


Gain insights to improve efficiency

Grow Your Business

Leverage the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing, to increase your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website, and build your brand reputation, all while targeting the right audience and improving customer engagement


Irina Smolina

Hayden is fantastic to work with! He has a wealth of knowledge in web analytics, online advertising, and website management. He is great at researching and analyzing customer and business insights that proved to be highly valuable to our marketing campaigns. Hayden also has a great sense of humor and positive attitude.

Penelope Smith

Hayden would be a welcome addition to any team. His upbeat personality, willingness to get the job done, and expertise make him an asset. Hayden surprised me within a week of starting in his role. He needed little guidance or supervision, put his head down, and got the job done. He far exceeded my expectations. You’d be lucky to have him working for you. He’s a gem.

Sarah Deere-Jones

Hayden is a very capable, intelligent and motivated individual who exceeded expectations of his role. I was very impressed with his positive attitude and ability to multitask multiple digital marketing campaigns. He thrived in the team, developing trust and influence with his peers and senior leadership. I would like to work with Hayden again.

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